Your USI-Enrollment

  • Before to enroll please read our AGB and cancellation rules.
  • Use the "SEARCH" button for information about our sports offer.

2 possibilities of USI - enrollment :

1. "LOGIN - myUSIdata" and online enrollment

Requires following data on our server :

  •  personal number (z.B. Uni-Matrikelnummer)
  •  name
  •  date of birth
  •  valid mail adress
  •  password

    Step 1: Check your login-data
  • You are enrolled student, but the system does not allow you the lower rates: please send us -> Tarifänderung.
  • You want to use the online system of enrollment for the first time: please send us ->  "Neuerfassung"

    Step 2: Your online-enrollment: please check -> Termine)


2. Personal enrollment

Use one of our 2 offices and mind our opening hours -> Termine 

  • USI Rif, Hartmannweg 4, 5400 Hallein (12 km away from the city)
  • UFZ (USI-Fitnesszentrum), O. Holzbauer Str 3/1, 5020 Salzburg

    Payment only by creditcard or maestro!

3. Information for ERASMUS-Students