1. Cancellation of weekly classes:

  • Only within the period of cancellation -> Termine!
  • Send an e-mail to usi(at) first to give us your bank disclosures.
  • Cash disbursment only in the first two weeks of enrollment.
  • In case of course cancellation by USI you will receive an e-mail.

2. Cancellation of outdoor classes (numbers 500-550):

  • Cancellation until 30 days before beginning: 100% of money back.
  • Cancellation until 14 days before beginning: 70% of money back.
  • Later cancellation: No money back!

3. Change of enrolled classes

  • Only within the period of cancellation -> Termine!
  • Only personally in one of our offices.

4. Change of your rate group

  • After your enrollment cannot change your rate group affiliation any more!
  • Make your rate group affiliation clear before you enroll for USI!
  • This is especially important for Mozarteum students and FH-students!

5. Injury / Illness

  • Injuries and illnesses are no reasons  for cancellations after the cancellation period!